Nov 12th 2019  Episode 071: How much is your life worth How much is your life worth? $13/hr? $22/hr? $60/hr $400/day? What is it to YOU? some countri...View Details

Nov 12th 2019  Will Brink: Part 1 "I have been a writer for over two decades and have been published in a wide variety of publications, including: Mu...View Details

Nov 7th 2019  What Grinds my Gears: Episode 3: Remembrance Day and losing support Why are we losing support on this day?    ------- We fight human...View Details

Nov 5th 2019  Episode 067: Dress for Winter Make sure to properly bundle up for the harsh weather. Don't be dumb and don't rely on others to do it fo...View Details

Nov 5th 2019  Make sure to check out PART 1 of Herbie Hutchinson Story. This is a continuation from where we left off about what types of people are ...View Details

Oct 29th 2019  Shane talks about his NEW book coming out Nov 7th on Amazon. Coming November 5th on Amazon! "Bigfoot ////UNCLASSIFIED////: An Unconven...View Details

Oct 29th 2019  Herbie started of in the Royal Navy working in the depths on a submarine. When he came up for air, he decided to go another route and ...View Details

Oct 18th 2019  Episode 063: Accountability WHO is accountable? and why? Is it the staff? is it the security company? insurance companies? Clients?  ...View Details

Oct 22nd 2019  Bo is a great guy and a vet who has been through a lot. He struggles with a physical illness but has a positive outlook on life. His c...View Details

Oct 18th 2019  Episode 061: Career VS Family Is there such thing as a work life balance? are you able to spend time with your family and have a caree...View Details

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